Komoot MOD APK v2022.35.3 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Komoot
Size 112M
Latest Version 2022.35.3
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

Inform us about Komoot

A companion for each journey

Cycling, hiking and picnicking, travel… All you need is to get out on the road, be it in an unfamiliar or unfamiliar location that you will find the map in Komoot. It is regarded as a fantastic planning tool for trips since it is not just a way to find directions, however, you can also utilize it offline. The entire process is simple and short.

Komoot with inspiring voice guidance

As a car driver, Komoot will always be an ideal companion on any route. The app can be launched by entering your start location and destination, then Komoot will then automatically search through the vast data storage and retrieve all the geographic details for the route, and provide directions in the form of a voice. Komoot will be able to enter any cave and alleyway, regardless of whether it’s a small lane or a cliff within forests, or even a remote village.

Connect with the same passion-driven community

If you’ve received assistance and motivation from the community of backpackers who share your interests, now it’s time to pass it on. Through Komoot it will allow you to be capable of sharing your adventure with people at the same time. Ask your family and friends to join Komoot and join the group, and you’re completed. Let’s talk about the experience of traversing through streams, crossing over passes and watching your friends or other popular “explorers” in the community. Many ways simply by sharing, you’ve made yourself aware of a variety of amazing adventures and then use what you have learned to share with new people in the world. It’s a self-training lasting and extremely connected process.

A free navigation app that everybody will need

Jogging and walking are an appealing trend, especially over the last three to four years. In my opinion, after the pandemic, where everyone was made to accept doing things on their own and on their own, these two activities are likely to become more popular due to its freedom and control. You can explore the city you live in, or explore the surrounding area or even a new region in the mountains to breathe the fresh air in contrast to the city’s bustle. No matter where you go, it’s crucial to stay safe and healthy. To be secure you must receive the most precise thorough, detailed, and precise instructions you can get.

Komoot will be first the compass and mobile map to guide you on your journey. With these two very precise basic navigation tools this app will be your most reliable guide on any route.

If you decide to alter the route in a flash, Komoot can still help to make the right choices after showing the routes that are in the direction you want to go. It also tracks every single thing regardless of the plane. It is easy to see areas of asphalt, fields or any other terrain. While at the same time it can be used to identify unusual places (such as bridges or roads that are in need of repair or obstructions …).

The map and compass display displayed in Komoot is easy to comprehend, concise and easy to comprehend. Don’t get too involved with numbers since the goal of these applications is to function swiftly, and easy to comprehend. You can move and watch without stopping and think over the details for too long.

There is no issue offline use.

Komoot’s greatest weapon is the capability to function offline. When enough information is gathered from the source of information in this database Komoot can automatically transfer the information to allow the user to examine it at their leisure. While traveling and back, particularly when climbing up passes or wading in streams, at times the Internet is an expense. In these instances you’ll need Komoot’s unique offline feature.

A trustworthy friend

If you are traveling and need to travel, you can make the most of the capabilities of Komoot because it lets you record notes and make plans that are the most exact details for your entire timetable.

In Komoot, based on the place you choose the application will display an array of restaurants, bars cafes, specialties such as public toilets Post services, gasoline stations passes and beaches and parks… It is an invaluable source of information for those who are traveling.

It also includes additional features that no one would want to miss , such as fitness tracking GPS, speedometer and the ability to save photos from adventures and notes to document travel experiences, and share schedules with friends via various social networking sites…


The experience Komoot gives customers is stunning and perfect for those who are passionate about nature and would like to go on the opportunity to go on a hike or cycling trip. You will be able to easily locate the details and features of your location to make sure you are prepared for an unforgettable journey. You’ll be able to find these places quickly and utilize the help tools to start your exploration and make it memorable when you discover something completely new.


Komoot’s interface is simple to use and is very like the interface on Google Map, where you will be able to see the GPS map along with the data that you must enter. However you need to select the kind of activity you’d like to engage in like hiking, cycling, and various other kinds of activities, in order to get an appropriate and accurate search. Additionally to that, you will be able to access the Highlight section, which contains those places that are popular and recommended by numerous users.


After you’ve entered the information for your destination and used Komoot it will provide you with an image map that makes it simple to find and visualise the route you’ll need to follow. In addition you’ll also be able to locate suitable trails to explore that are essential for an enjoyable trip. Furthermore, the details regarding the terrain you might encounter while driving can be useful to help you be prepared and be aware of when you should rest.


One of the things that most users will notice using Komoot is the ability to quickly locate yourself while walking or cycling. It isn’t ideal to have focus on your phone constantly and not be aware of the surroundings. In the same way this app will aid you in solving these problems because there will always be an automated voice, so that you can be aware of what you need to do and not skip any turn. This will allow you to enjoy the fresh air at your destination in peace.


If you’re concerned about traveling to a location that doesn’t allow to access the internet and download the calendars you’ve predefined in order to make use of them offline. This means you’ll be able to navigate the right way to arrive where you’re supposed to go. The app offers you details about the route you’ve traveled to read. It will help you identify the places you’ve traveled to and also recommends the application to family or friends.


The app includes an GPS feature, which means it’s easy to forget the possibility of synchronizing your use with Android Wear. It’s an excellent solution if you are able to easily determine where you are faster than having your phone open all day long. It can also solve a variety of issues that users may confront on the move or anyone else who wants to have lighter devices.


After you’ve used the GPS map, it’s precise and simple to pinpoint your position. This feature can be utilized to share the story of an unforgettable journey with group of friends. In particular you can make use of photos and stories to show others know what you went through. Furthermore, you could modify them to store or distribute if you’d like.

This app comes with the features that adventurers will appreciate:

  • Users are able to find locations that are suitable for hiking, cycling and much more for an unforgettable trip.
  • They can find these sites with full information on them in order to prepare an unforgettable trip right after.
  • The roads are found via GPS and there will be automatic directions , so you don’t have to worry about missing any turns.
  • Users are able to save their personal information to use offline and also share their experiences had to say after every trip.
  • The beneficial features of the application are integrated with different types of devices as well as Android Wear. an excellent option.
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