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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is a hierarchical, decentralized naming system that connects computers, services and other resources to the Internet or private networks. It associates different information with domain names that are assigned to each participant entity.” Wikipedia. Normal users will find it difficult to change DNS. However, there are some reasons why you might want to change DNS. DNSChanger can help you do this. Mobile Data & WiFi Let’s now explore DNS Changer to discover more about the app.

A simple app UI

DNS Changer is an app that was developed and built by BGNmobi. BGNmobi, a Bursa, Turkey developer. They offer the best apps to users around the globe that improve mobile internet user experience. DNS Changer can only be downloaded from Google Play. The app can only be installed on Android-based mobile devices. DNS Changer can also be used on tablets. The app is free to download.

The interface is also very simple. DNS Changer is easy to use. A white background will make it easier to see in daylight. DNS Changer offers two versions so you can choose. There are two versions of DNS Changer: the free and paid. The paid version allows you to access a few extra features that aren’t available in the free version. Both versions are equally useful, regardless of which you choose. You don’t need to worry about privacy and security when you download the free version.

Why is DNS needing to be changed?

There are many reasons why we might change DNS. You can use public Wi-Fi to stay safe; access apps and websites while traveling; get the best internet browsing experience; play better online games; it’s easy to connect with just one click – no registration, login, or password required. You also want to be able to browse your favorite websites and apps freely without entering any information. Browse anonymously and do not save your information. Some websites may block users from certain countries from accessing their content. You want to stream libraries.

If you are experiencing slow web browsing speeds due to a high-speed Internet connection, your DNS may be the problem. Optimizing your DNS records can help you find the fastest routes that your data packers will take while traveling over the Internet. While this won’t improve your upload/download speed, it can make browsing faster in certain cases. Sometimes you may experience problems when trying to access the Internet via your device. These problems may be caused by DNS settings of your ISP. Your DNS server speed might not always be the best. Your default DNS server can also affect the speed at which you are able to connect. Choosing the fastest server based on your location will speed up your browsing.


DNS Changer: How does it work?

Net Optimizer allows you to quickly find the fastest DNS server, and connect to it using just one click. You can improve your browsing speed, gaming experience (ping and delay), and even your surfing speed. Although test results show a 132.1 percent increase in browsing speed when using Google’s DNS servers than the stock DNS servers, real-world usage might not make it that much faster. This small tweak can give you the feeling of having a lightning connection to the Internet.

DNS Speed Test allows you to find the fastest DNS server for your network and location. It also speeds up web surfing speed by providing faster response times. DNS Changer will also fix lag and reduce latency (ping times) for online games, bringing you a better gaming experience. To make surfing easier, you might need to change DNS. Let’s speed up your network connection using DNS Speed Test of DNS Changer.

DNS Changer’s main features

Each app will have its unique features. DNS Changer has nine main features. First, there is no root requirement. DNS Changer works without root. DNS Changer does not consume system resources (RAM/ CPU/ battery etc.). These features will speed up your device’s performance. The third feature of the app is DNS Speed Test. Find the fastest DNS server to connect to your device. Wi-Fi/ Mobile Data Network Connection (2G/3G/ 4G/5G) support – This feature allows you use the app at any time you like without worrying about your Internet connection.

The fifth feature is optional IPv4 and IPv6 DNS support. DNS Changer’s sixth feature is to improve online gaming experience. The app will also use preconfigured DNS lists. This will give you a general overview. You can also use any custom IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers you wish. DNS Changer is constantly updated to the latest Android versions. This will allow you to use the latest features of the app and make your experience more enjoyable. This is the final feature of the app.

DNS Changer is the first DNS Changer app for Android and has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play. DNS Changer is also the most trusted Android app. DNS Changer allows you to change your DNS address and check the speed of DNS servers. DNS Changer changes your device’s DNS address and does not affect your connection speed. It is therefore faster than regular VPN. Let’s now install DNS Changer on our Android devices and give it a try.



DNS is a system that allows you to connect to networks. DNS Changer’s main feature will allow you to change this system. This is a common change that users can make to improve their surfing experience. However, DNS problems can make it difficult to access certain browsers. This is why the application has multiple application methods you can use to find the application’s capabilities.


DNS Changer’s first feature is to speed up browsing. You may experience connection issues with default metrics. This is because the middleman can’t correctly translate or transmit information. You will need to switch to a new DNS to ensure that your site links to the correct places. You have two options when you use the application: IPv4 or IPv6.


Once you understand how DNS Changer works, it’s time to start using its features. The application will suggest DNS servers to you that you could use. These recommendations are based on your network and whereabouts. With just one click, you will be able to see all information regarding the connection and make your selections. You can then continue your surfing experience by making it simple and easy.

Use the APP with different goals

DNS Changer will provide many useful ways for users to connect to any DNS server. You can use it to play games, and you can choose DNS servers that offer high quality connections so you don’t experience lags. However, some internet providers may prevent users from connecting to specific websites. They can change the DNS number. The user experience can then be tailored to your needs.


It is interesting to note that the app can store a lot of spare capacity. It works with all types of devices and is compatible with them all. The application’s main purpose is to list DNS addresses so users can connect. This ensures that the user experience is smooth. The application supports all types of connections, from WiFi to Internet Data on Android devices.

You don’t need too much knowledge or skill.

The application will handle the rest. Once you understand why you want to change DNS, the application will do the rest. The connection process will be straightforward and you won’t have to worry about it. You just need to select a server you like. The connection process is often quick and easy because you don’t have to remember your password or account information each time. The application is compatible with different operating systems and doesn’t require root.

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