WhatsApp Prime APK v10.20 Official 2022 (Updated)

App Name WhatsApp Prime
Size 20M
Latest Version 10.20
MOD Info Mod APK
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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

WhatsApp Prime Mod apk

WhatsApp Prime mod Apk is a modified version of the official WhatsApp messenger. This app offers additional features that are not found in the official version. Many WhatsApp mods are available online. WhatsApp Prime offers some special features that aren’t available in other WhatsApp modded versions.

Whatsapp Prime:

Whatsapp Prime is an updated version of Whatsapp. This apk is based on FM WhatsApp. It has many useful features such as anti-ban, anti-revoke message and anti-status delete. This Whatsapp mod app will allow you to do a lot more than Whatsapp. You will have more privacy and security. You can be safer and more secure using the Whatsapp mod app. Let’s now look at the top benefits of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Prime APK Features

Although Whatsapp Prime Apk offers many premium features, we will only focus on the most important functions of the Whatsapp mod app.

Anti Ban

Whatsapp Prime’s latest version includes an anti-ban feature that protects your account from being blocked. You won’t have any ban issues if you use the Whatsapp Mod apk.

Status Downloader

This Whatsapp mod app apk allows you to download Whatsapp statuses with one click from the gallery on your smartphone. This mod is sufficient to allow you to use the Whatsapp status downloader app.

Anti Revoke Message

This Whatsapp mod APK also includes the anti-revoke message feature. It allows you to read and reply to deleted messages within Whatsapp. This is one of the most useful and powerful features in Whatsapp. You can reply to deleted messages by selecting them.

Anti Status Delete

This Whatsapp mod Apk allows you to access an anti-status deletion feature which allows you see deleted statuses from your Whatsapp friends and family. You can also view deleted statuses and reply to or download them.


You can also customize the interface of this Whatsapp mod app. Mod app for Whatsapp. Whatsapp now allows you to customize themes, fonts, styles, and logos. It also offers 100+ themes that you can download to your Whatsapp. You can completely change the appearance of the Whatsapp mod app by creating custom themes, fonts, logos, etc. This feature will allow you to impress your friends and family with the unique design and appearance of Your Whatsapp.

Hide/Lock Whatsapp Groups and Chats

This Whatsapp mod app allows you to lock conversations. This lets you protect chats and groups. Whatsapp group and conversations. You can now secure your Whatsapp chats with a personalized design or pin. Each chat can have its own pin or design. Chats are locked, and nobody can access them. This feature will lock chats and prevent anyone from accessing them. This feature will make you a more secure Whatsapp user.

Last Seen? Hide/Freeze

You can also hide your last appearance with this Whatsapp feature. This feature allows you to show your offline status on Whatsapp, even if you are not online. This feature can be enabled if you are able. It will allow you to stop your last appearance, and no one will ever know whether you are online. This feature allows you to ignore any person at any moment.


DND Mode

You can also disable Whatsapp from Whatsapp by using the DND mode. This allows you to do this without having to shut down your internet. This feature allows you to go completely offline. This feature is also known as Flight Mode.


It is important to fully understand how to download APK files. Here is the WhatsApp Transparent Prime Installation Guide:

  • Unknown Sources can be enabled by first enabling all installation from unknown sources. This will allow you to install third party software to your phone. WhatsApp Mods are not available in the Application Stores. Enable the unknown source by going to the device settings>added settings>privacy>unknown source then, enable unknown source. This step may act differently from other devices like setting>security>permission>enable unknown origins.
  • Go to downloads. Once you have enabled unknown source installation, check that WhatsApp Transparent Prime has been downloaded. Go to device storage to download the GBPlus Transparent Apk
  • Install GBPlus Transparent Prime APK After activating each installation from unknown sources, locate the APK. Open application GBPlus WhatsApp Prime, and then tap the Install button. Allow it to finish for a while. After the installation is complete, you can now install it on your device. Register, save your old data and enjoy the new version.

Upgrade to the latest version

What should I tell you if I tell that I have a personal account on Whatsapp which is not the default administration? This custom version of Whatsapp, called Whatsapp Transparent, is now available to all.

This App offers a wide range of functions and has been upgraded to be better than the original. You can save this article to your browser and get future updates of Transparent Prime APK. WhatsApp Transparent uses the most recent technology. This is a method that ensures you have the best possible experience with a WhatsApp Mod.

What is Anti-revoke?

WhatsApp mods have the ability to use an anti-delete feature. This function allows users to view all messages deleted by another user, including chats or conversations, and can also permanently delete them. You can delete all messages, chats included, in the official WhatsApp app and limit the time. Even if the message is sent to the recipient, it will not be visible. The anti-revoke option allows you to make the message visible. In the same manner, you can view the status of deleted contacts. The status of deleted contacts can be viewed.


What is WhatsApp Prime APK?

WhatsApp Prime is an updated version the original WhatsApp that was created by a third party developer.

How can you download WhatsApp Prime APK

You can download the mod by clicking the “Download WhatsApp Prime” button on this page.

What are the steps to make WhatsApp Prime work better?

For the most recent WhatsApp Prime updates, keep visiting APKZUP.COM. If you’re using an older version of the mode, ensure you are using the latest version of WA Prime.


The Final Verdict

WhatsApp has over one billion monthly users. It’s simple to use and makes it easy for users to complete their tasks quickly, so most people use it on their phones. Some users are intelligent enough to use the modified version to gain many options.

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