Flightradar24 Flight Tracker v8.19.2 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked)

App Name Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
Size 60M
Latest Version 8.19.2
MOD Info Gold Unlocked
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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

Flightradar24 Flight tracker can help you keep track of your flight schedule. This amazing travel app will always give you the fastest flights and include schedules. To ensure a pleasant flight, you can depend on the factors that matter to you, such as departure time, location, and service. You can see the flight path of this plane in detail and sharply with this application.


Users will be able to view and select specific flights from around the globe through the application. Amazingly, users can see and choose the flights they desire or the time frames provided. This schedule can be used to help you plan your schedule and make the best choice.

Always make a clear suggestion

The application also allows you to enter the date and time of your departure, as well as the destination you wish to visit. Flightradar24 Flighttracker always offers suggestions to help you choose the best flight. You’ll be able to update your flights and get feedback from others.



You can choose to receive reminders or notifications from the app. The app can automatically record any reminders or notifications that you choose. You can schedule your time by setting reminders that remind you one hour or two days in advance. You will be proactive through the useful reminders and notifications.


You will see an estimate of flight departure time in your application so that you can plan ahead. You will receive information about the time it takes to prepare and depart. This may be different for certain trips. We will be given fixed times frames, especially for international flights.


Users and users can view the flight directions. You can see clearly using special satellite images and authentically marked flights paths. This is the main drawback. You can see flights from many other airlines simultaneously.



Each stat will be a flight pattern. Each flight will have multiple stats. Weather, obstacles and other factors will cause the index to move or change. You can even see stats from previous flights, which will be stored and used for the purpose.


Users can search for flights based on their specific conditions by choosing to search individually. You will also find a lot of information in the app to help you search. The application for use will also launch small flights. Users will be able to enjoy safety and quality with small flights.


  • Allows you to generate unique ideas for tracking flight schedules.
  • We can make suggestions about the closest flight or flight that meets your needs.
  • We always offer safe suggestions so you can make the right choice.
  • Display satellite images and flight paths for some flights to provide reassurance.
  • To support your schedule array, view the estimated time and departure times of the trip.
  • Reminders to remind users to book tickets and choose another flight quickly.


All you need to use the app is an Android device that can connect to the Internet. This will allow you send and receive information from the server. To enjoy even more features, the gold or silver version can be purchased. These would be more expensive.

Amazing features

These are just a few of the incredible features the app offers:

You can watch and observe aircraft flying around the globe in real-time.

Android users can access Flightradar24 Flight Tracker, which allows them to view every commercial flight that is currently on the air. You can open the app to see all the live movements of all aircrafts in all countries around the globe.

View detailed information about any target’s fights

You can also easily view the real-world data for each aircraft by simply selecting targets. This will take you to the information about the flight and the photos of the actual aircrafts.

The app also provides flight information, such as estimated arrival time, travel routes, departure times, speed, aircraft types and altitudes. This complete data and information will give you the feeling of being at a ground station.

You can also look at the icons of the airports on the maps if you’re curious to see if they have arrival or departure boards and current weather conditions.


Take a look at the amazing 3D view from the cockpit

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker gives Android users an easy-to-use 3D view from the cockpit. It allows them to see what pilots see when they fly. Select the planes you are interested in, and get ready to have unique experiences at high altitudes. You won’t find these unique views anywhere else.

You can go back in time and view past flights

If you’re curious, Android users can also use Flightradar24 Flight Tracker’s app to view historical data and go back in time to see past flights. You can monitor the entire course of flights around the globe for several days or days. This can be very interesting.

Use the filter to search for specific flights

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker allows you to search for specific flights by entering flight numbers, airports, and airlines. This will allow you to find the best flights. The useful filters that offer many options allow you to quickly categorize flights into specific collections, such as airlines, aircrafts and altitudes. This makes it easy to search for your desired flights.

Silver app has more features

To make the app even more useful, Flightradar24 Flighttracker users can also download the Silver app. This app offers over 90 days of flight history. You’ll also find details about the aircrafts, including serial numbers and ages. You can now view the vertical speed and squawk of the aircrafts. You can also use the improved filters to keep track of which flights you are interested in.

Get the full-featured app by unlocking the gold version

Want more? You want more? Then the Gold app will have everything you love about the Silver app and all of it properly updated and enhanced. You’ll have access to historical data for 365 days, detailed maps, weather, and cloud conditions, as well as live, updated and enhanced maps. Additionally, the ocean fights will be given more precise measures with accurate tracks and aeronautical charts. This list could go on.

Get all the features you want with our app for free

The Gold and Silver versions of the app are expensive so it is better to get our modified version. It offers unlimited content and is completely free. You can download the Flightradar24 Mod APK directly from our website. Follow the instructions to install it and enjoy all the in-app features whenever your heart desires.

Final verdicts

Flightradar24 Flight tracker is a great app to download on your mobile device if you are interested in keeping track flights and airports. You’ll be able to use the fully-unlocked app from your website and have more reasons to love the app.

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