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Mapon Go is a great management tool that can be utilized not only to keep an eye on drivers and employees, but also to boost performance of the company and also. The app was designed with the needs of delivery services as well as transport companies and similar companies in the back of your mind.

Are you struggling to keep a an eye over your workers? Do you find it difficult to observe your assets and the performance of your employees? What if I said there’s a method to monitor every aspect of your business while in your home, office or even during holiday hours?

It assists to keep the connection with the higher level of the body (management group) and the lower body (employees) in good standing. Mapon Go is made to reduce operational costs, organize the tasks and schedule work.

What’s unique about Mapon Go?

Mapon Go has got a number of features that are “unique” but the most exciting feature of the app is the ability for managers to monitor the vehicle’s condition online. The areas that this app will pay attention to are the brake lights, engine oil levels the backlights, taillights as well as other things.

Mapon Go – Features

The reason for this is that Mapon Go is made to give a full solution for employees and management issues. The most important features are:

driver behavior Mapon Go keeps track of drivers’ behaviour and performance when they’re not visible. It improves their performance because it provides you with information about their ECO speed and cruise control use, aggressive braking, and acceleration.

Inspection of vehicles: Vehicles are assets of the company , and this app makes routine inspection of your vehicle a relatively easy job. It allows you to check the brake light as well as the level of engine oil as well as taillights and backlights and more from comfortable at own home.

Driver logs: Driving log helps you to manage your private and business journeys. You can also include the name of your client and the price of the trip to ensure smooth operation.

Platform for internal communication: The internal communication system ensures that the suggestions, orders and inquiries flow between the management and employees.

Time management for working: Work time management ensures that tasks are completed on time. assignments so that the working hours are not wasted.

Task management and routing: The route and task management section are placed to prevent confusion among employees, so that more work can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

How do you download the app, install it, and then use the application?

Mapon Go is available on the Mapon Go app is available on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is click a few times and a space to keep the application. It is among the many apps are available at The download link is at the top of this page. Please visit and begin to download it. Go to the Google Play Store and enter Mapon Search. Locate the app and begin downloading.

The file will download within only a couple of minutes. Once it’s downloaded then sign in to start using it. Remember! This Mapon GO app is only available to Mapon Go clients.

How can it help managers?

  • It assists managers.
  • Through the development of tasks and assigning them to drivers and employees.
  • They are kept up-to-date via status updates.
  • In order to receive information requests immediately.
  • By making changes to schedules and routes while drivers are working.
  • What is the best way to help drivers?
  • It assists drivers.
  • In providing clear and precise information about the time.
  • With the help of a navigation app to help navigate.
  • Focusing them on completing the tasks they are assigned.
  • The planning is left up to the managers.


  • Reduces the operational cost
  • Keeps track of the records
  • Enhances performance by monitoring employees and drivers.
  • Also serves as a means of communication between employees and managers.
  • Lets you exchange photos, media or invoices to be exchanged.
  • Fast
  • User friendly


There aren’t any real negatives to the application. The only thing to note is that it’s only available to Mapon Go users.

In the end, I’d like to summarize the previously mentioned information in a couple of phrases. Mapon Go is a mobile application that Mapon Go app was created to make life easier for transportation companies, delivery services as well as other businesses in which it is crucial to finish the tasks within the stipulated timeframe.

It’s a great management tool that makes the communication between drivers and the managers simple and simple to comprehend.

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