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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

Microsoft Office is the most widely used tool set for office workers, it’s undisputed. You’ll find many useful applications here, each with its own unique uses and features. You can use Microsoft Word to create editor-like writing experiences. Turn on Excel spreadsheets to get the best statistical experiences. Make full use of OneLook’s mail applications.

Android users will still be annoyed by the lack of mobile apps for these Microsoft tools. Many people are searching for the perfect alternative to these apps with more functional toolsets in OfficeSuite.

As you explore the best features of this mobile app by MobiSystems, have fun. Enjoy the many features of OfficeSuite that will simplify the task of managing files.

Check out our full reviews to learn more about this mobile app by MobiSystems.

What is it used for?

If you’re curious, you can begin to enjoy this amazing mobile app as soon as you turn it on. You can now access all your office tools with great compatibility with Microsoft Office files.

You can view any files in your system easily and use the full-featured office application whenever you need it. You can view your Office files, but you can also make simple or complex edits using OfficeSuite’s tools. This can prove to be very useful and convenient.

OfficeSuite offers a mobile file browser, which is easy to use and can be used to manage files on your mobile device. You can organize all your office files and quickly access many of the in-app functions.



All you need to get started with the amazing mobile app is an Android device running Android version 4.2 and above. This will ensure that you have all the features of the app without any compatibility issues.

You can also get it for free on the Google Play Store. You can enjoy the majority of in-app features absolutely free.

Android users have the option to upgrade to OfficeSuite Premium to get more power and convenience. However, you will need to make certain payments. You can access the unlocked features as well as ad-free experience.


Amazing features

These are just a few of the incredible features the app offers:

Use the intuitive UI to access many of your office documents

Android users can enjoy intuitive file viewing with intuitive UI. You’ll find your files displayed in familiar desktop-style interfaces. This will make it easier to access the documents.

You can open multiple documents in the app and use the split-screen mode to work simultaneously with two files. OfficeSuite will enable Android users to immerse themselves in their experiences. OfficeSuite now supports the Chromecast for better viewing of files.

You can use these file management options to organize all of your Office documents

You can also make use of the easy-to-use and detailed file editing features of OfficeSuite as you work with it. You can open any file by using the quick access buttons. This will allow you to make changes as needed. Connect to Chromebooks to enhance the mouse support on your mobile device.

You can also protect the sheets on your mobile devices. This will give you extra security when sharing files online. You can also make changes to your documents by adding text and editing. To enhance the narration of your presentations and documents, you can add audio and video editing elements. Once you are satisfied with your edits, export your files to multiple file formats.

All office files are compatible

Android users will enjoy complete compatibility with OfficeSuite files. You can access all Microsoft files, including DOC, DOCMX, DOCMX, XLSX and XLSX. You can also view and export PDF files from any of the above-mentioned file formats. The app supports many common formats such as RTF and LOG, TXT and CSV. The app will allow you to have more enjoyable experiences.

The File Commander app offers convenient features.

You can also connect to File Commander’s mobile file manager app from your smartphone while using OfficeSuite. You can enjoy many of the integrated features that make the app even more useful, as both apps are from the same publisher.

Connect to the MobiSystems Drive for the online cloud drive

Android users now have access to the MobiSystems drive on their mobile devices. This allows them to enjoy OfficeSuite’s online storage options. You can get up to 5.0GB free storage to save your documents. If you upgrade to premium, this amount will be ten times more.

You can also connect to other online storage services such as Google Drive and Box. Android users can store files easily and conveniently.

You can communicate with others and exchange your views on the files

With the availability of online OfficeSuite Chats, Android users now have easy and convenient file sharing with other OfficeSuite users. You can share your progress with colleagues and friends. You can also communicate with colleagues and share messages about file editing software. OfficeSuite has a password option that you can use to create access codes for all your files. This will ensure your files are secure.

A spell checker that can be used to proofread and edit documents

Android users can use the Integrated Spell Checker app to check for grammar mistakes in text documents. You can also have the spell-checker work in more than 40 languages. This will allow for amazing documenting experiences. The app will guide you through the process of creating the best pieces of work, no matter what style you choose.

Viewing and editing PDF files is easy with these useful features

If you’re interested in making multiple changes to your files, you can use the PDF editing app. You can also add digital signatures and access permissions to your files to increase their security.

Use the text-to-speech features to your advantage

OfficeSuite’s Text-to-Speech function allows you to make the most of the app’s text input capabilities. You can speak with your mobile device’s microphone, and the app will display exactly what you just said. This allows you to use the convenient and useful file input options.

Use font packs to better display content

OfficeSuite will provide extended font packs that can be downloaded and installed on Android devices to further enhance the display capabilities of the system. You can now view multiple documents in the original fonts. This will allow you to enjoy both the visual effects and the integrity of the content.

For easy sync options, create your profile

Android users can create accounts in OfficeSuite and begin using the sync options. This makes it easier to access all in-app features. This will make it possible for office workers to have cross-platform experiences on their Android, iOS and Windows Desktop devices.

The mobile app is available in all languages

You may also find the English-only option confusing if the in-app functions are not easy to understand. You can now enjoy OfficeSuite’s mobile app in any of the 68 languages you prefer. Here you will find the most intuitive localized versions.

You can customize the visuals in the app using the themes available

As you use the app more, Android users have the option to access the in-app features to modify their theme settings and make progress. You can choose from a variety of themes that will allow you create stunning presentations on all your documents. OfficeSuite users will enjoy the soothing view thanks to the Dark Theme.

Get the unlocked version on our website

The modified version of OfficeSuite app available on our website is a great way to get OfficeSuite on mobile devices. You can get OfficeSuite for free with all its unlocked features. You just need to download the OfficeSuite Mod APK from our website. Follow these instructions to get started.

Final verdicts

OfficeSuite is a top-rated office app for Android, particularly for Microsoft Office users. It has many interesting and in-depth features that will make it stand out from the rest. Many of the useful features of OfficeSuite allow you to view, edit and share files. You don’t have to refuse the fully unlock and free app from our website.

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