App Cloner v2.14.8 APK MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name App Cloner
Size 61M
Latest Version 2.14.9
MOD Info Full Unlocked
Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

Installing this Appcloner Mod APK will create an Android application on the same Android device as the other apps. However, first you must download the Appcloner Premium Mod Apk.

Despite what you may think, everyone wants the same smartphone and not to buy another one. He has a hobby of running two WhatsApps, two Facebook accounts or two Instagram accounts from the same device.

Similar to the above, an application that wants to use 3 or more apps falls into tension. Which application should you install so that there are at least two to three apps with the same name? It will be mine today. Cloner premium mod Apk

This application allows you to edit any application. You can also copy the application and install it. You can use both the original and copied applications after installing it on the same device.

This is the function of this application. Edit any application completely. This application can be used to create a popup in your application.

We are giving away the Appcloner Premium Mod APK for free.

You can use this tool to manipulate multiple applications, including editing games or entering your personal information.

This application allows you to edit the text and you can even enter your name. You can also modify the popup advertisements and stop them from appearing in the application. Premium APKs are the best app cloners.

It is very easy to use and you will love it. You can create a copy of any application up to four to five times on one device.


What’s App Cloner Premium Apk?

You want to know Appcloner premium apk. In simple words, it can be used to copy and manipulate any Android application.

You can, for example, install an app to remove advertising or modify it. However, all tools are available only in the premium version. If you only want to use it free of charge, it is not possible to use it. You will be able to copy, clone and manipulate other apps better.

With the help of App Cloner Premium Mod Apk, you can use Android apps to edit such applications as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You can create two clones of the device and install two applications.

You can edit the application, which is the most important, and you can also buy it. Can.

App Cloner Mod APK

You can also edit the app or copy it if you wish to make changes. This app is ideal for you, because Apk Cloner Mod is a modified copy, which includes all Premium Disruption unblocked.

It is offered to all users as a free download. If you want the premium version, you can also download it from this post.

It is completely free, all features are unlocked, and you can download the Ap Cloner Premium APK version without spending any money.

You can also edit apps and games using the Android app version if you have a hobby. You can also change the package name for your app.

You can also turn off popup ads in games from the app and change your options. App Cloner Premium Mod Apk is considered quite good. It is completely free to edit.

Below, I’ll tell you about the App Cloner Premium app’s best features. If you use it, you can use them for free. You can read the latest features if you wish. Once you have read them, you’ll be able use it easily.


App Cloner Premium APK Features

Let me first tell you that Apk Cloner Premium Apk copies any Android app or game. You can still choose to turn off or on the option you prefer before you copy; you can see the features below.

This option allows you to upload and create an icon of your choosing. You can also change the colour and rotate the icon. Use the icon support option to customize your icons.

App Clone

This app has a unique feature: you can clone an application already installed on your Android device, then copy it and then install the second application on the same machine with the same name, partner and given.

You can also modify an icon and install them by sharing them to other mobiles.

Privacy Options

You want to clone an application and turn on privacy? This video is great if you want to lock your device. You can use the privacy option to set a PIN or fingerprint lock to completely protect it.

Display Options

This option can be used to change the menu of your game or application.

A popup can be created that you wish to edit in the app. It is possible to set it by clicking the message bar. You can also add a popup and close the advertisement.

This app allows you to turn on the dark option, select the language you prefer, and then turn on the rotating screen.

Notification Options

This can be very helpful as it will show you the name of the developer and website for any mode that you have installed on your Android device.

To remove it, you will need to enable Toast Filters. You can also change notifications filters such as notification icons.

Premium Subscribe

The App Cloner Premium APK will give you the Premium Membership free of charge on your Android device. All premiums in the App Cloner have been fully unlocked. This means that you can now download the full crack version. You will then be able use all the options free of charge.

Automation Options

App Cloner Premium Apk offers many options that allow you to set up automatic options. For example, if you want to maintain 50% brightness in your Android app, you can do so. You also have the option to turn on Bluetooth. The application also allows you to do this.

Do Not Disturb can also be used. You can also use them to complete many accomplishments.

Developer Options

You can also clone and edit the app by using this option.


Cloning Options

App cloner premium Apk is also available for free. It has amazing achievements like smiles and manifest. Skype can also use native libraries, such as the wiki application. The play store service will also be closed if the club is being used.

How do I download and install App Cloner Premium Mod Apk

After you’ve read the features, you’ll want to download the Appcloner Premium Mod APK free. Everyone wants its features. That’s why I brought the latest mod apk. It is free to download and we will show you how to install it.


This will be the best option for you if you have several problems with one application. Because there are many users around the globe with the same problems as you, you don’t need to worry about them. Cloning your application is the best and most efficient solution to your problem, according to the researchers.

App Cloner will allow you to clone all the required applications into one clone. It takes just a few taps to create an app that is identical to the original. This allows you to use two apps side by side. Do you worry that the copied app will not be as useful as the original? The application developer will tell you that the copy of the original application will be identical to the copied one.


Sometimes, however, the user may not need to duplicate an instance of an application. Some users requested that an application copy be made but modified to another purpose than the original. The application has been updated to better meet the user’s needs. Users can now repair copies for completely different purposes.

You can now clone apps to modify the settings to meet your specific needs. You can copy the options and customize various functions with just a few steps. You can even change the icon of the clone application and display the name on the screen.


According to statistics and manufacturer studies, social networking platforms will be able to copy users’ apps. The app can copy big names like Instagram, Twitter, Instagram and many others. We can then see the users’ requirements and duplicate apps that may be needed. This will often include updating information or social networks.

According to the above statistics, researchers allowed clones of the application to have additional functions for users. A few of the special functions include incognito mode and password protection. They also hide Android IDs or create fake locations . The cloned application would have a tremendous quality that will better meet the needs of the users.

It will be difficult to use an application with multiple tasks. Cloning an application to multiple copies will solve your problem quickly. App Cloner is the app that will help you accomplish this in a matter of minutes. Try the app now to see all the special features.

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