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Have you ever felt bored with nothing to do? Are you too excited about certain tracks of music that you simply need to be a part of it? All of this can be resolved through the help of a REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set kit and immerse yourself in the excitement of drum playing backs. How do you locate the REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set set in the middle of nothing? Explore the amazing applications of the REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set, where you can have complete fun with your amazing replicated electronic drum kit.

Enjoy the fun application and experience the incredible drum kit through free and thrilling musical experiences. It’s okay to not have the skills to master the instrument you have as REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set will offer a variety of helpful instruction and tutorials that will help you navigate the steps. Have fun with your drumming experience featuring a myriad of fascinating features.

Find out more information about this fascinating mobile app by Kolb Apps with our in-depth review.

What is it that they do?

With the Real Drum: Electronic Drum Set, Android players will be able to enjoy an intriguingly simulated drum set that includes all traditional and modern features. This means that it can be used by novice and experienced drummers to creating music, or just to have fun and play their favourite drum tracks. In conjunction with other fascinating music apps such as Walking Band you’ll be able to create an all-in-one studio that you can take with you in Real Drum: Electronic Drum Set to play music or just for enjoyment whenever inspiration strikes.

Even if you don’t have any prior experience playing drums it will offer user-friendly and easy lessons, which allow you to master the art by using proper techniques and engaging practice. Just tap the instrument you want to play and then recreate the exact sound by tapping. Make the fingers of your hands into drumsticks, and begin to enjoy the incredible in-app experience in Real DRUM Electronic Drum Set any moment.


If you are intrigued by this amazing application from Kolp Apps, you can gain access to the trial version of REAL Drumming Electronic Drum Set on the Google Play Store. It is free to download and pick up for free, without paying any money, and begin playing your favorite drums. If you’re intrigued by it, don’t hesitate to buy in-app purchases in order to unlock additional features and enjoy more using the mobile app.

In addition it will ask users to grant it certain access permissions in order to function properly. Therefore, make sure you accept the app’s specific requests when you open the app for its first attempt. Don’t forget to open the application on the most recent software version in order to guarantee stability, and preferably Android 4.4 and above.

The last thing to mention is to get the highest quality of sound from your drums it is suggested that you wear a high-quality set of headphones. This will let you listen to the precise and authentic drum sound. You can enjoy yourself immersed in exciting and energetic drum tracks any time.

Amazing features

Here are the top features the app can offer:

Mobile app that is simple and easy to use

In the beginning, Android users in REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set will be able to make use of the easy and user-friendly mobile application, which is extremely simple to use. You are free to use the user-friendly interface with a variety of possibilities and functions. In this app, you can quickly play with your drum kit with the multi-touch options. Play around with the many options in the app to enjoy exciting studio-like experiences Real Drum Electronic Drum Set.

Complete drum kit including various pads

In REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set, Android users can access their complete collection of an interesting drum kits with a variety of pads. You can explore more than 13 drum pads, and get authentic sounds from them all. You can unlock a range of intriguing toms and snares which allow you to experience more fun with your own virtual drum kit. Always, you will be amazed by the professional-quality sound effects, which makes the application an even more engaging experience.

Learn to play with your drum kits

For the beginner, you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable with the application. In addition to its simple and easy-to-use controls REAL Drumming: Electronic Drum Set also includes a wealth of useful instructions and tips for beginning drummers to help them master the basics of drumming. Explore 60 samples of rhythms with clear tutorials that will help you to drum along. You will always have the best advice for experienced drummers who can aid you in mastering the art of drumming.

Amazing loops to jam with

To make the application more engaging, Android users can now use the exciting loops from REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set, which they can play anytime. You are free to listen and learn each loop, take pleasure in their unique sound effects. Explore the complete set of 33 loops and enjoy amusement with new ones added every update.

Personalize your app experience by creating unique drum kits

Furthermore, you are able to modify your app experience with exclusive drum kits added to REAL DRUM Electronic Drum Set. It is possible to gather multiple drum kits and then enable their unique appearance whenever you wish to. Additionally, users can also add their own sound signatures and images to further personalize this drum kit. This will let Android users to enjoy more enjoyment from their music-making adventures.

Create professional music recordings

If you are curious, you can utilize the recording option in the REAL DRUM Electronic Drum Set. You can make the drum track of your choice. Enjoy working your magic using the virtual drum kit and add intriguing sound patterns in your mixes. Make sure to record and save your tracks to any format that supports sound. Enjoy sharing and saving your music files at any point.

Optimized for devices with various screens

To ensure that Android users can work with ease in their music applications REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set also provides complete compatibility with different devices. You can enjoy the music application on your phone with different screens and resolutions. The apps are all optimized to match the features of the app and ensure that you have fun with your drumming in the best possible way.

Get the free and unlocked app available on our website.

In spite of all the thrilling game features, Android users can benefit from their own application for free and unlocked that gives you full access to all available features. This is our updated version of the REAL DRUM Electronic Drum Set, Android users will have fun using the free and premium app. It is possible to make use of the many interesting features available to create high-quality music pieces. It’s all it takes for you to download REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set Mod APK on our site.


Drummers and music makers are sure to find this intriguing mobile application by Kolb Apps absolutely awesome. You can now try to make your own unique drum sounds, or play along to your favourite tracks while in the comfort of your mobile. It comes with top features as well as stunning sound effects You’ll find it more enjoyable than a traditional track, particularly when REAL Drum: Electronic Drum Set also includes a wide range of helpful customization options to enhance your experience in the app. With our unlockable edition of our app there are no excuse not to use the app.

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