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App Name Kuronew
MOD Info Mod APK
Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

Mobile Legend game players are enthralled by their achievements and can have the opportunity to rent various equipment to accomplish their goals. If you are in need of tools, then you must try an application like the KuroNew Hacks ML application a shot. The service-wise, this application offers a lot. If you’ve not yet utilized a software to boost your gaming results, check out this new version.

With the aid by Kuronew hacks, you’ll have access to a wide range of game-specific features, including new ML skins for ML, Drone View, Custom Maps, Unusual Effects and more. It’s true that these are the mainstay of the game in this case. However, you will have to be able to pay for these items; they’re not free.

A lot of players are unable to play because of this however, you don’t have to be worried because we’re here to assist. Because we offer the most effective KuroNew Hacks MLBB that can also resolve all your problems by using different features. The reason for this app’s development was to allow you to access premium and bought items. When you click on the link to download this APK If you enjoyed this fantastical.

What is KuroNew Hacks?

A helper application for the well-known prevention game MLBB is known as KuroNew Hacks Apk. Following PUBG Mobile Mobile Legend Bang is one of the most popular games played online. The game has millions of gamers who have registered for it around the world.

Many people enjoy playing this game on their phones all over the globe. It’s not fair to pit beginner players against veterans. Because they can defeat their opponents by employing unique tactics, abilities tools, and programs. It’s similar to Jhong Gaming for legendary players on mobile devices.

The new players don’t have experience playing against experienced opponents , and aren’t aware of the capabilities and methods available to beat their opponents. Since this tool is completely non-defective, you won’t be able to have any issues playing with it. If you want to save your hard-earned money then you must use KuroNew Hacks. It’s packed with freebies, which allow gamers to begin their gaming sessions at an appropriate time.

If you’re in search of specific techniques and equipment that can assist you in defeating your opponents and quickly improve your standing on the field, then install this application. Since the KuroNew Hacks APK is a third party application that you can install as your primary account, you will be able to earn various prizes.


Many avatar skins are available: By using this cheattrick, you can swap avatars in the game. Within the group you stand out having a unique and precise. In addition to the traditional Muggle, Assassin, Tank and Support, Shooter as well as Fighter, you have plenty of alternatives.

Drone Eye View By using Drone Eye View from KuroNew Hacks you will be able to observe the whole map from the air. The view from all angles include front, back and facet. The map shows each enemy’s position and location are marked.

Rapid motion

This way this method, you are able to move your map faster than normal. This allowed you to reach quickly the other side of the map, while avoiding risk on the way.

Health points

Your health points will be varied if you employ this strategy. Being more active in the game will prevent you from being quickly killed.

Simple User UI

KuroNew Hacks comes with a simple user interface that is easy to use. The process of finding and activating the needed cheats is therefore easy.


There is no cost for using the app. You do not want to incur any expenses to utilize the tools.

Numerous Game Customization Options

The program offers a variety of choices for personalizing your MLBB game. This includes accessing the latest skins, effects and designs as well as enabling cheats that can improve the overall performance.

Highly Optimized and Responsive

This application offers exceptional performance and responsiveness. It is guaranteed to provide smooth, non-lag gaming.

Easy to Install

There are no specific installation requirements for the program. It is very easy to do.

Anti-Ban Feature

KuroNew Hacks has an anti-ban feature to ensure that your account is secure and cannot be traced. It can be used to your advantage without worrying about being kicked out of the game.

There is no requirement to sign up

To access this application it is not necessary to sign up or give any personal details. Furthermore, there’s no need to enter an account password to use all the options. All you need to do is download and install it in order to start using it!

Within Kuronew Hacks APK subscription is not required.

After downloading the application it is possible to choose from a wide range of card and slot games. Advertising from third parties is not permitted and there’s an interface that is mobile-friendly to this APK.


Everyone has a strong desire to be a winner at Mobile Legends’ battlefields. However, not everyone is able to experience this feeling of fulfillment. This is why a lot of gamers do not care about the potential risks that come using the strategies they utilize. This is the reason why Kuronew Hacks APK is likely useful in this situation. One of the benefits of this game is the fact that you can ensure your character is equipped with unlimited health and enhanced attack power. However playing these modified video games isn’t usually allowed.

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