Tidal Music Premium APK v2.66.0 (All unlocked)

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Update October 15, 2022 (1 month ago)

If you’re looking for an exciting new streaming service for music, TIDAL MOD APK is the best option. If you’re an avid music fan, it’s an incredible service. Tidal offers more than 80 million songs that it is possible to stream them at any time. You can also listen to songs on the move. You can download all the songs onto your smartphone. If you own an Android phone you can also connect the songs onto your mobile. It is also possible to transfer songs to your computer via TIDAL.

It’s an excellent option to get your hands on your favorite music. It’s important to ensure that you maintain your subscription. If you don’t, you’ll not enjoy the full advantages of TIDAL. You must be aware that this subscription is likely cost you money however this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sign up. If you love TIDAL and want to keep it, be sure to be registered. You’ll be able to access every song you’d like to hear.

The next step is decide on the kind of service you would like to utilize. This is the case for TIDAL Freeas well as TIDAL HiFi TIDAL HiFi, as well as TIDAL HiFi Plus. If you select TIDAL HiFi as well as TIDAL HiFi Plus You can access more than 60 million music tracks. You will also enjoy top quality sound , and premium streaming of lossless audio. The free version allows you to play 15 songs free each month. If you decide to sign up you’ll gain access to premium services, in addition. If you already have TIDAL HiFi Plus it is possible to download all the music you have in the app in just a few clicks.

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a streaming music service available via iPhone, iPod Touch iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It gives unlimited access to more than thirty million tracks. Users can listen to music from artist, albums, playlists or songs. You can also look up songs and artists using your search box. You can make a playlist in the mobile application. The greatest benefit of this is the ability to save favourite songs to listen offline. Additionally, you can install Tidal Premium for PC and Mac to listen to all the music that you love. Tidal Premium lets you download music, something that is not available with the free version of the app.

Tidal Premium APK

It is a streaming music service that is located in Norway. It was launched in 2014 by the Norwegian publicly traded company Aspiro which is currently part of Block, Inc. It allows users to listen to the newest and greatest tracks from the world’s top artists. Tidal has a long-standing relationship with numerous famous artists, such as Beyonce, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Eminem and many more.

If you’re a lover of music, consider gaining access to every new song in this application. Tidal Pro is easy to use and navigate and it comes with a number of excellent features. Tidal provides a range of music videos as well as live performances by various artists, as well as new music and also top-quality music and audio. It’s a fantastic spot to stream music for free without having to pay. You can stream almost every single song and video without cost. You do not need an account with a subscription fee. Tidal also has apps available for the both Android as well as iOS devices. However, this Tidal MOD APK can only be used on Android device.

Features Tidal Pro APK

HiFi Plus

Tidal MOD APK offers HiFi Plus subscriptions. You have the ability to keep the music you want to listen to throughout the day. It’s a fresh method of listening to music that comes with improved features. We’re calling HiFi Plus. HiFi Plus because it’s so much more than a basic upgrade and has directly beneficial for you. Your subscription is able to unlock new features that enhance the music you are a fan of. HiFi Plus subscriptions give you access to exclusive content throughout our range of premium subscriptions. With HiFi Plus you have an access to over 80 million songs which means you can listen to them whenever you travel. You’ll also enjoy an enhanced experience thanks to the capability to create custom playlists and listen to the entire track, view lyrics, and much more.

Huge Collection

Learn more about your listening habits with the latest HiFi Plus subscription. The new subscription provides premium, high-quality audio experiences that allow you to listen to your favourite artists and songs. You can enjoy over 80 million songs with HiFi, ad-free music wherever you go, even if you’re not online. HiFi Plus also gives you access to more than 350K music videos. You can listen and watch to all of this music on all devices, which includes modern Android and iOS tablets and phones. You’ll get a personal account that can assist you in identifying your preferences in music and help you discover new music that you’ll be awed by. HiFi Plus can be found in U.S. and Canada. Soon, it will be available across other nations, so keep checking regularly for announcements.

Explore New Genres

The Tidal platform gives you unlimited streaming as well as a wide variety of content. There are a variety of genres of music you can discover through Tidal. Tidal platform. If you’re not a fan of hip-hop, country, pop or rock, you’ll discover other genres of songs on Tidal.

Premium For Free

Tidal is a great platform for artists. Tidal platform is a fantastic method to connect with artists and receive exclusive content. If you do not already have Tidal access, visit the site and register for an account that is free. It’s very simple to use, and you shouldn’t have a problem understanding the process. One of the best things about Tidal is that Tidal service is the fact that it allows you to listen to music at no cost. It is not necessary to spend a dime however you will be able listen to music you enjoy. If you’re looking for music to play, pick from playlists, albums and singles. Tidal offers everything you could desire.

Tidal Hifi Features

  • HiFi Sound Quality
  • up to 1411 Kbps
  • Over 80M songs , and 350K+ video
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline and skip without limit.

Tidal Hifi Plus Features

  • Innovative Audio Formats
  • up to 9216 Kbps
  • Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio and HiFi
  • More than 80M songs , and 350K+ video
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline, with unlimited skips
  • Direct Artist Payouts
  • Fan-Centered Royalties
  • Keep track of and let us know how your listening habits affect the artists you love.
  • Expertly-curated playlists


How can I obtain TIDAL premium at no cost?You will be able to access the premium version without cost. You can download TIDAL MOD APK from Divyanet.com. The alternative is to go to Tidal’s site and register for a no-cost trial.

Does TIDAL MOD safe to Use?
Definitely! There isn’t any risk involved. It is safe to use. TIDAL MOD can be safe to use. We make sure that our mods are secure before we release their contents to the users.

What makes TIDAL superior to Spotify?
Tidal’s audio is of a higher quality. TIDAL is higher than the quality of Spotify However, it’s more expensive. The plans for subscriptions of Tidal are low-cost, high-fidelity or hi-fi+. Tidal HiFi is priced at $9.99. $9.99 Tidal HiFi plan provides lossless music files and additional features.

Download Tidal Premium APK

There are numerous reasons to download Tidal MOD APK. For one, it comes with a built-in music player. This is extremely useful since it is no longer necessary to download an additional music player or application. It’s simple to use and easy to possess. It is possible to add music collections by using an integrated search feature. You can also utilize the song history feature to find a song that you’d like to listen to. Tidal Master lets you make playlists with various genres, songs or moods. You can also save your playlists on your phone so that you don’t have to switch on your player every time you want to play your most-loved songs again.

It features a stunning user interface that makes it simple for you to navigate and access the functions that come with Tidal Music MOD APK. The Tidal app comes with sound quality unbeatable. Tidal Premium also offers an incredible streaming service. You can stream the music you want to listen to while you sleep. This is among the most useful features you’ll ever utilize. You can also manage your device from a distance. You can answer phone calls or turn up the volume, or even silence your phone with a click of one button.

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